Powered by competition, we use esports and relatable STEM challenges to engage high school students on a level never seen before.

Grab your snacks as we spill the tea on how VESL gets it done.

Why Esports?

We create a bridge between their current interests in competitive gaming and give them the confidence to pursue STEM. Using esports as a vehicle to teach STEM, we can create a new generation of engineers and scientists well-equipped and passionate about their work and who are ready to lead the future of tech.


Esports Pathway

VESL is the first ever public school esports league in North Carolina. Schools compete for state championships as a varsity high school team across a variety of video game titles.

This league is for students who want to use their passion for gaming in a fun and competitive way all while learning valuable life-long skills. In addition to gaining applicable life skills, VESL opens doors to possible esport experiences at the collegiate level and beyond.

  • Get coached by pro esports coaches
  • Land direct connections to college
  • Gain teamwork and leadership experience
  • Participate at home or from school
  • Zero cost to players/students and schools

STEM Pathway

Fall 2023 Season STEM Topic: Artificial Intelligence

VESL is more than just esports. We use challenge-based learning to increase the STEM aptitude of our students to get them hyped about technology.

Participating schools form competitive STEM teams and learn from a self- guided after-school program with help from our STEM coaches. Teams then complete assignments and compete against other STEM teams in a competitive and constructive environment that drives them to excel.

  • Program AI using simple math
  • Gain the perspective of AI with state machine
  • Solve unknown unknowns using search algorithm
  • Guide AI in decision making with heuristics

Some Common Questions You Might Have

Schools are not required to have a computer/esports lab, and students can play from home.

VESL also offers a non-competitive gaming server for students to connect and play their favorite titles in an informal environment. This setup is more approachable for those newer to gaming.

We leave that up to each school. We understand that different schools have different preferences regarding what games their students engage in. No school is required to compete in any tournaments or competitions it is uncomfortable with or interested in playing.

We don’t have one at VESL. It is the decision of the student’s school whether or not they wish for students to maintain a specific GPA.

We support PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch! Most games are cross-platform, meaning students can participate from any platform.

Generally, yes. We ask that students provide games/consoles during the regular season competition. However, there are specific situations where VESL can help a student who cannot participate due to not having a specific game title. Please contact us at [email protected] if you feel like one of your students is in the situation.

That’s up to you and the esports coach. We understand that different schools and different sets of students will have different levels of availability to practice. That’s one of the reasons that we have the esports coaches aligned to help schools organize their students.

Esport coaches are assigned to schools to help with this process. Teams will be formed based on the student’s interests and their skill level. However, any student, regardless of skill level, can participate.

All of the game participation will flow through our Discord server. Though the exact process will vary slightly from game to game, the details will always be communicated through Discord.

Not generally, no. However, we do ask that students provide their parent’s email as a part of registration in case we need to reach out to parents for any reason.

All of that information will flow through the Discord. Schedules, timing, announcements, updates, leaderboards, and more come through the VESL server you’re invited to when you enroll.

We have two main windows where we host the games: the first is directly after school (approximately 3 pm ~ 5 pm), and the second is into the evening (approximately 6 pm ~ 8 pm). We will gather the availability of schools and slot them into better time slots based on their students’ availability.

Currently, a school can have up to 3 teams. Starting in the Spring of 2024, each school will only have one team at the varsity level for each game title, similar to other sports. At this time, we don’t plan to offer junior varsity competition. However, there are still opportunities and competitions for students who are not on the varsity team.

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